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How Moms Rock was born…

Moms Rock was an inspired idea that came from reading an article in Oprah Magazine while waiting at the bus stop for my boys one afternoon. The article stated “for the world to value motherhood, women everywhere should stand up and declare that it must be so.”  The article went on to say that in our culture we tend to give motherhood a lot of lip service.  It talked about women who choose full-time motherhood are often put in a box by their friends and former colleagues and labeled “Just a Mom” and hence the idea was born.  I didn’t finish the article until months later.  I immediately thought “Just a Mom, I don’t think so” and started sketching the ideas you see on this site.

Moms Rock clothing line is my contribution to what I’m calling the Moms Rock Movement.  It is my way of standing up and declaring what an incredibly important, honorable ‘job’ this is, whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay at home. Recognize and celebrate who you are, all you do and what it all means. Celebrate your unique journey of motherhood. Celebrate the mom you have and the moms you know.

You All Rock.

Through the process of creating Moms Rock came the profound thought,

“What legacy will I leave with my children?”  It has changed the way I see myself as a mom.

I invite you to ask yourself…

What will your legacy be?

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