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I ordered these shirts for my 3 grandsons to each give one for their mom for Xmas. I cut the article out of the paper some time ago with this in mind! It may even be a year ago - it had a group photo and story of your business. I like to support local companies.
Good luck.
- Linda P. Medway, MA

I have to tell you, Kim ... I couldn't resist it any longer, I opened the white tank in medium that I wanted to save for my friend and I wore it to Woods Hole this past Saturday. I felt so empowered wearing it. I stood a little bit taller and sucked in my tummy real tight! I felt so proud to be wearing it and it felt just great. My son, Jake said.... I know why there is a heart on that shirt.... it is because Mom's love their kids and Kids' Rock.... I just loved his interpretation of that! My friend just received her package from you and I just got off the phone with her... She absolutely LOVED it.
- Kim L. Grafton, MA

Being a mom of two toddlers is wonderful—but it’s also the hardest job in the world. Just going to the supermarket can be a challenge! Moms Rock clothing line lets everyone else know what I already know: moms do rock…and so what if my kids are crying and fussing while I’m making my way through the check out line? Next time you see a mom out, running errands with the kids in tow, remember she’s just doing the best she can! And by the way: I recently had the chance to give away some Moms Rock shirts and hats at a radio station event for parents, and they were the hottest items! Every mom wanted one for themselves!
- Heather Gersten Perry, Mother of Jack, age 3, and Dylan, age 2…and Morning Show Radio Personality in Providence, RI

I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you SOOOOO much for the wonderful, amazing baseball cap. Moms do rock! I have worn it nonstop for the last two days and have gotten infinite compliments from BOTH men & women! I plan to buy 10 of them and give them to all my mom friends!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful surprise.
- Ellen U. Fairfield, CT

Moms Rock tees are hip, happy and here to stay. Trendy, chic, and comfortable, these tees embody the true essence of not only wearing your heart on your sleeve, but on your body! Being a mom does rock, so why not show the world. I wear mine with pride, and even my 10 year old daughter sports one every Friday – and for such a fashion maven, it’s better than show & tell!!! My daughter, Olivia, loves Moms Rock items so much she wants to work in the ‘Moms Rock factory’ when she gets older.
– Emily English, MA

Moms Rock is so innovative and fun… it’s the missing link for our funky store. The onesies make terrific gifts for any mom. In its short and sweet life, Moms Rock has already been a big hit!
– Donna Fishman, Fish Kids Brookline, MA

“I have to tell you…I have been going back and reading your manifesto for inspiration, I absolutely love it! Unlike other articles out there about parenting your piece validates for me that it is a work in progress rather than this is the way should be, and I love the shirts to boot!”
– Mary Giglio, Canton, MA

"My Moms Rock apparel is my daily uniform. I lovingly wash and fold my tank tops so they are ready to go in the AM. My two boys are extremely active children under the age of 5 and when they are running opposite directions, climbing out of grocery carts, removing cards from card stands, spreading a brand new tube of lipstick all over my bathroom counter, sneaking out the front door to put a letter in the mail box, I at least LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT in my Moms Rock apparel. Grocery clerks are always smiling at me, my boys and my shirts! Moms Rock apparel are the best fitting tank tops I have ever owned. Repeated washing has not dimished the fit, shape or color of the garment. I wear them almost everyday."
– Rachel M, Redlands, CA

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